Conservation and reforestation of the rainforest

Environmental protection
begins now

Energy & climate consulting

Green Industry Group - Climate protection & energy consulting

Only in equal harmony can industry and our environment survive. We help companies close this ecological gap. Not only in the active realization of CO2 compensation, but also in holistic corporate consulting. The Green Industry Group GmbH
was founded in 2010 and deals with
the recovery of resources to avoid excessive energy consumption and the use of sustainable materials in production. Ethically responsible conduct is the overriding principle of our company and our mission:

Help us in our mission to preserve and reforest the rainforest and protect our climate and environment in the long term.

Support now and plant trees!

For your donations for the preservation of the rainforest we work in Europe exclusively with our partner PLANT-M-TREE. The Foundation. collectively

Our services at a glance:

Climate and environmental protection through the sustainable protection and reforestation of the rainforest

Conservation of the primary forest

The Green Industry Group owns private primary forest in Costa Rica, which must be protected and preserved.

Reforestation of the rainforest

Professional and sustainable reforestation of the rainforest through a healthy mixed planting of diverse tree species.

Conservation of the natural habitat of animals

Through our commitment, we are helping to ensure that Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife continues to be protected and is able to reclaim its natural habitat.

It's cheaper to protect the planet now than to fix it later.

- José Manuel Barroso