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Both worlds in harmony

Industry and nature? Ecology and economy working in harmony. As a modern society, we need industry just as much as we need an intact natural environment. It is our responsibility to bring these two worlds into harmony. We are committed to this. We protect and restore the rainforest in Costa Rica on our own land. By purchasing new areas, we want to create a contiguous, intact rainforest in the medium term - and preserve it in the long term.

Why in

Costa Rica

We deliberately launched our reforestation project in Costa Rica to make a lasting and effective contribution to protecting the environment and climate. Why? Because protecting the rainforest there falls on fertile ground.

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Preserving the rainforest in the long term

Today, Costa Rica attaches great importance to environmental protection and the preservation of the rainforest. Registered, private reforestation areas and forest areas are protected by law. Our reforestation area is registered and a state-recognized nature reserve, which Green Industry GmbH is legally obliged to protect and preserve. The Llano Bonito nature reserve consists of 65 hectares of rainforest and around 35 hectares that were cleared by local farmers in the past (due to a lack of alternative sources of income). Since 2019, we have reforested 18 hectares of it with 20,000 native trees and restored it to its full biodiversity in conjunction with the existing forest. Wildlife is slowly returning to the area, which we plan to document in the future with permanently installed cameras in the forest. Our team on site consists of a forest engineer, a ranger and semi-qualified farmers from the surrounding area who collect seeds from the remaining forest and grow the trees from them. In total, the Llano Bonito reserve already binds around 2300 tons of CO2 annually, an amount that will continue to increase over time as the trees grow.

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Trust needs transparency. We use different formats to show what we are growing and what is emerging from this.

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Wido Fath, Managing Director Green Industry GmbH

"Environmental and climate protection is an ethical duty for companies. We must compensate for the CO2 emissions that are unavoidable in our business activities, despite our sustainable actions. We can achieve this effectively in Costa Rica."

erik reinhold

Erik Reinhold, Managing Director Auguras SA

"Rainforests remove greenhouse gases such as CO2 from the air and act as huge carbon reservoirs. If the forests are cut down, the carbon is released into the atmosphere and accelerates climate change. Ensuring the protection of the rainforest directly on site has become my life's work." Erik Reinhold, Reforestation and Monitoring Management, Costa Rica (Living in Costa Rica since 1993 and resident of Costa Rica)

Existing rainforest and reforestation


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The reconquest of the rainforest

Our heart project

Preservation of the primary forest

Green Industry GmbH owns private primary forests in Costa Rica, which must be protected and preserved.

Reforestation of the rainforest

Professional and sustainable Reforestation of the rainforest through healthy mixed planting of various tree species. Natural, sustainable and with a sense of proportion.

Preserving habitats for animals

Through our commitment, we help to ensure that Costa Rica's diverse wildlife continues to be protected and can regain its natural habitat.

It is cheaper to protect the planet now than to fix it later.

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