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Climate protection

Only in equal harmony can industry and our environment survive. We help companies close this ecological gap. Not only in the active realisation of CO2-compensation, but also in holistic entrepreneurial consulting. The Green Industry Group GmbH was founded in 2010 and deals with the recovery of resources to avoid excessive energy consumption and the use of sustainable materials in production. Ethically responsible action is the overriding principle of our company and our mission:

Corporate Forest: Our Climate Protection Partners

Reforestation in Costa Rica

Help us in our mission to preserve and reforest the rainforest and protect our climate and environment in the long term.

Why Costa Rica?

Climate change and environmental destruction have left their mark on Costa Rica. Almost 80% of the tropical rainforest was cleared without restraint in the 1970s and 1980s. Until the
government pulled the emergency brake with all its might and, through the consistent implementation of environmental policy programmes in the areas of climate, nature and forest protection, managed to restore more than 50 percent of the land area to healthy forest cover.
Registered, private afforestation areas and forest areas are protected by law.

We, the Green Industry, support these efforts because we want to help set a positive example to the rest of the world in terms of "successful nature and environmental protection".
That, by doing our utmost to support Costa Rica's reforestation efforts in an economically disadvantaged area, we also support the effort to
show the world that it is possible to achieve positive change in the political visions of many ambitious governments - always in cooperation with the local population.

Protect rainforest permanently

Today, Costa Rica attaches great importance to environmental protection and preservation of the rainforest. Registered, private reforestation areas and forest areas are protected by law. Our
reforestation area is registered and a state-recognised nature reserve, which Green Industry GmbH is legally obliged to protect and preserve.

The Llano Bonito Nature Reserve consists of 65 hectares of rainforest and about 35 hectares that were cleared in the past by local farmers (for lack of alternative income).
Since 2019, we have replanted 18 hectares of this with 20,000 native trees and renatured it in its full biodiversity in association with the existing forest. Slowly,
wildlife is returning to the area, which we would like to document in the future with cameras permanently installed in the forest.
Our team, which is permanently on site, consists of a forest engineer, a ranger and semi-skilled farmers from the surrounding area, who collect the seeds from the still existing forest and pull the
trees from it.

In total, the Llano Bonito Reserve already sequesters about 2300 tonnes of CO2 annually, an amount that will continue to increase with time and the growth of the trees.

Our offer

"Help us in our mission to protect and restore the rainforest in order to protect our climate and our environment in the long term. Need a reliable partner to support you at
? You send your green message with our help in the media and we plant your company forest, which, the bigger it gets, removes climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) from the
earth's atmosphere and binds it in biomass in the long term.
A single tree can absorb up to 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year and up to 0.91 tonnes of carbon dioxide when it is 40 years old.

Llano Bonito: existing rainforest and new rainforest to be reforested

Support now and plant trees!

Our services at a glance:

Climate and environmental protection through the sustainable protection and reforestation of the rainforest

Conservation of the primary forest

Green Industry GmbH owns private primary forest in Costa Rica, which needs to be protected and preserved. 

Reforestation of the rainforest

Professional and sustainable reforestation of the rainforest through healthy mixed planting of diverse tree species. Natural, sustainable and with a sense of proportion.

Conservation of animal habitat

Through our commitment, we are helping to ensure that Costa Rica's diverse wildlife continues to be protected and can reclaim its natural habitat.

It is cheaper to protect the planet now than to fix it later.

- José Manuel Barroso