"Our planet is our home, our only home. Where are we supposed to if we destroy it." (Dalei Lama)

We love nature and our planet

Sustainable. Honest.

The Green Industry Group is acting and has set itself the goal of still untouched virgin forest of Costa Rica on their own. areas, protect them and restore them through the purchase of new areas. to reforest.

Inseparably linked to the natural and sustainable reforestation of the tropical rainforest is the preservation and effective protection of habitats for Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife. Every felled tree is one tree too many and more and more animals are losing their habitat due to ill-considered deforestation. If their tree is cut down or their territory destroyed, they have no chance of survival.
Millions of hectares of rainforest are destroyed every year by theft and slash-and-burn agriculture, with incalculable consequences for our blue planet.
ruthlessly cleared and less CO2 is compensated. It is time to take countermeasures or there will be no tropical rainforest left in about 250 years. We are all called upon to take the reins of action into our own hands – on a small scale as well as on a large one. Massive efforts are needed to offset global CO2 emissions. Let’s do it!

Buy trees: Save the rainforest now!

For your donations for the preservation of the rainforest we work in Europe exclusively with our partner PLANT-M-TREE. The Foundation. collectively