Sustainable climate and environmental protection through conservation and reforestation of the rainforest

Llano Bonito Nature Reserve

Llano Bonito Nature Reserve - The first 100 hectares of the future

Our Llano Bonito reforestation area is registered and a state-recognized nature reserve, which Green Industry GmbH is legally obliged to protect and preserve. It covers 100 hectares and is located in an economically disadvantaged area deep in the south of Costa Rica. The area consists of 65 hectares of primary rainforest and around 35 hectares that were cleared in the past by local farmers for lack of alternative income and used as cattle pasture.

Sustainable reforestation of the rainforest

Since 2019, we have professionally reforested around 18 hectares of the cleared area with 20,000 native trees. Our team is permanently on site - a forest engineer, a ranger and local farmers ensure effective management of the measures and ongoing monitoring. The farmers are specifically trained in reforestation. They take the seeds of various tree species from the remaining rainforest, grow the seedlings and plant them out as soon as they are strong enough. In this way, the cleared areas are renatured in conjunction with the existing forest - in its complete natural biodiversity through healthy mixed planting.

Restoring the habitat of wild animals

Our commitment is helping to protect Costa Rica's diverse wildlife. The wild animals are slowly returning to the area, which we document with cameras permanently installed in the forest. It is an indescribable experience when the ocelot, tiger cat and co. run in front of the lens of the wildlife camera.

Take a deep breath: the output

Climate commitment in the rainforest is highly effective. In total, the Llambo Bonito Reserve already binds around 2300 tons of CO2 annually. This is because a single tree in the rainforest absorbs up to 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year and one tree stores up to 0.91 tons of carbon. By comparison, a 35-metre-high spruce in our native forests stores around 0.7 tons of carbon in 100 years, which corresponds to 2.6 tons of CO2.

Alternative income opportunities for the population

Local people are heavily involved in the project work. They take care of the cultivation and planting of the tree seedlings and are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the areas. Instead of clearing more land for livestock farming, the local population is offered a new source of income.

With your support, we can maintain the great performance of the rainforest and achieve even more by purchasing additional areas.

Green Industry Timeline

2010 Foundation of Green Industry with the aim of researching and developing sustainable materials and natural substances for use in the processing industry.
Acquisition of Costa Rica-based Auguras SA and its land for the purpose of reforestation and restoration of the rainforest
Registration process
Registration of our areas in Costa Rica as state-recognized nature reserves.
Since 2019, we have professionally reforested around 18 hectares of the cleared area with 20,000 native trees.
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