Why Costa Rica

Protecting the rainforest in Costa Rica With - and on - good ground

In Costa Rica, the commitment to the environment and climate is falling on fertile ground. This gives us the strength to set an example worldwide and inspire others to do the same.

What has happened so far

Climate change and environmental destruction have left their mark on Costa Rica. Almost 80% of the tropical rainforest was cleared in the 1970s and 1980s - until the government pulled the emergency brake. By consistently implementing environmental policy programs to protect nature, forests and the climate, the government has achieved a great deal: more than 50% of the land area is now covered by healthy forest again.

Highest environmental award of the United Nations

Costa Rica is a pioneer in peace and nature conservation. With its policy of prioritizing environmental concerns, Costa Rica demonstrates that sustainability is both achievable and economically feasible. The green heart of Central America is recognized as a "role model for the world" by the World Bank, the FAO - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - and other global organizations. Costa Rica was awarded the "Champion of the Earth 2019" award by the United Nations for its commitment to nature conservation and its ambitious measures to combat climate change.

Pura Vida: The Love of the Land

The people of Costa Rica love their country dearly and know the inestimable value of its breathtaking nature. Everywhere and in almost every encounter you can feel the spirit - and the intrinsic awareness that humans, animals and nature are inextricably linked. This attitude and the legal framework encourage a high level of personal commitment, as every tree planted effectively helps to close the gaps created by deforestation and establish fully intact rainforests.

Ideal framework conditions for the long-term protection of the rainforest

Today, the Costa Rican government takes environmental protection and the preservation of the rainforest seriously. Registered, private reforestation areas and forest areas are protected by law. Our reforestation area is registered and a state-recognized nature reserve, which Green Industry GmbH is legally obliged to protect and preserve.
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